I used to speak of love 

I used to speak of love

When love didn’t speak of me

The times he’d never call

I waited patiently. 

A single ring would sting: 

The shattering of dreams. 

I used to speak of love

When love didn’t speak of me

The endless scrolling of my phone

To see where he could be.

For every smile that I bring:  

A mask for Agony.

But now I see that love

Comes at slower speeds 

The current never rocks the boat 

And keeps me on my feet.

To fly so high with stronger wings: 

I’m happily set free. 


A Funeral For Thoughts.

Please be quiet, sir 

This is a funeral for thoughts. 

Even though, her eyes do know 

And scream, “I kid you not.” 

Leave her alone 

Let her walk home

She cannot take the hurt.

And as you stare

You see that she wears 

Her fifteenth-favorite skirt.

For you, her smile faded 

Her heart now rooms with Sorrow 

So if you must say anything

Just bid her a good ‘morrow. 

For you, she waited days 

And silence was all she got

But your lips, do part their ways 

And whisper, “forget me not.”

Please be quiet, sir 

She can sustain you not. 

Even though, your words do flow 

This is a funeral for thoughts. 

For a Light to Read, “An Exit.”

For a light to read, “An Exit,” 

At the perimeter of a room,

Does it have to shine, a light – 

so bright it beats the moon? 

For a girl to be a lady,

At her foot, a Fool may swoon, 

Does she have to light, a pipe – 

packed tight, she’s stoned ’til noon? 

For a brain to reach potential,

To form its own cocoon, 

Does it need a tasse, a mast –

to outlast the Gate’s harpoon? 


Farewell to the sea, she rings 

A melancholy note – 

She danced until she became – 

All the words I wrote 

To where entryways 

Of whales, concave 

To where lovers have no souls 

To bottoms of her eyes, there lies 

New worlds made up of gold

Farewell to the sea, I bleed 

Her nightly, helpless cries – 

I listened until she became – 

The tears that fell from skies

To where we slave  

For lonely waves  

To where thoughts do reprimand

‘Til disaster takes us one by one 

Toward beginnings without ends

Farewell to the sea, she be 

Backbeat, as we row –

Bidding us: “sleep tight, alright” 

She calls from down below 

Out yonder, into night we go 

Into the night we go 

Into the night we go 

Out yonder, into night we go

the mess of imperfection.

the sexiness of order

may be appealing to the eyes

organized, and structural

straightforward, no surprise 

but stripped down to its core 

it’s easy, safe, relaxed 

i like my puzzles all fucked up 

a complexity, climaxed

the mess of imperfection 

chaotic, yet endearing 

i like my blues and reds combined 

predictability unhearing 

the answers are all out there

but it’s more fun to guess

limitless, yet limited

a sign of tried conquest 

attempts to fix your puzzle 

to dress you up real nice 

solvable, but as we know

permanency is not your vice 

the ego’s plea, forsaking  

i do it all to win 

but once you’re solved, i’m gonna let  

the mess undress again. 

the Ghost of a good thing, here

i sense the Ghost of a good thing, here–

Who lends its ears,

but has lost the gift of touch–

a privilege for the living–

who never invite the repetitiveness of things 

abandon the Past

the chasing alone is a task–

a long and winding road in singularity–

deemed useless in time 

but what is life and death? 

the Presence lives, unlike a breath– 

Whose heart cannot beat, yet can be felt

let It muster here, forever if It may–

’til time has served to disarray–

’til indecisiveness lends to tears–

’til loneliness begs for the company of–

the Ghost of a good thing, here

I Know Exactly Who You Are

“I know exactly who you are,”I say, our bodies entangled in the bed I make each morning. 

“I step into that steel grey room quite often in my brain, 

With the hope that I can recall 

everything about the instant our souls met, without a need for introduction. 

But all I have is the idea that

It might have been you.

And you,

Your mind so aloof with thoughts of the next big thing

That you cannot recollect yourself.

I know exactly who you are,

You are the one who looks at me 

Like I am a unicorn,

The prettiest of all the creatures that your eyes have ever touched 

And I’ve spent many days since

In search of that feeling to catch

Of you, curiously agape  

And my questioning why,

Someone can fill my heart with every ounce of selfless joy inside the earth.

I’d rob the universe to give it all to you.” 

“I know exactly who you are,”

He says, and kisses my forehead in the middle.

“You are the universe, with all its love it gives so freely,

Asking for nothing in return. 

I study from a distance,

Not because I am afraid.

But because you are the prettiest of all the universes,

And my eyes, they yearn to take you in in your entirety. 

The infinity of existence, 

Pale beside you.” 

To Rest

With nowhere to go, and nothing to see

I carry your memories with me.

Like the bones of someone long since dead 

They’re old and worn;

A symphony of rotting. 

The scent of unrequited love is quite grotesque-

It hits my nose and lingers. 

Despite the urge, I hold on tightly. 

And even though you left my heart undressed, 

I cannot leave these bones to rest. 

Our galaxy you left so nonchalantly,

Mundane to you, but everything to me.

Like the bones of someone long since forgotten,

They attract all that is unpleasant.

As I embrace optimism, my only friend,

Passionately I kiss deceit,

With lips as salty as the sea. 

And even when I try my very best,

I cannot leave these bones to rest. 


This ghoulish party that I throw 

Has left me hopelessly aglow.

This flow of conversation feels complete, 

Albeit one sided; obsolete. 

The madness in me I must digest, 

As ignorance passes through my soul.

It is with great sadness, I’m forced to forget. 

And even though it will forever sting my chest,  

I could never leave these bones to rest.