#ManifestMonday: Your Desires Are Rarely Physical

Hey friends,

Hope this moment finds you well. I want to create a new series for you all on the subject of manifesting. Manifesting is something that I’ve been able to do since I was a child. I used to visualize my desires in very detailed and emotional daydreams, and sometimes when everything aligned, I would receive what I wanted. I just didn’t know at the time that what I was doing had a name. Only now am I starting to pay attention to the work that I need to do in order to ensure that I’m open to receiving my desires. 

Clarity in manifesting is important. Knowing exactly what you want is crucial, but you also have to know when to be open to new ideas and solutions. And when it comes to manifesting physical stuff, it isn’t necessarily the thing itself that you want. It’s actually the feelings that it bring us that we’re seeking out.

For example: last year I manifested a car. And it wasn’t as simple as, I want a car so I’m going to save up the money and pay for it. No. I had no money to pay a new car. The reason I was clinging onto this borrowed car from my grandparents was because I was convinced I couldn’t afford to finance one.

But alas. The Universe works in mysterious ways.

You may already know this, but last year I was in a horrible car accident. My physical body was okay (sprained my wrist only), but my car and my emotional body were–needless to say–totaled. The costs of fixing my decade old car simply wasn’t worth it. And what’s worse, the car was technically borrowed from my grandparents after my last car became too run down to drive.

While the car was getting repaired, I got a Nissan Altima from a rental company to drive for the time being. I loved this rental car. I loved how clean the interior was. I loved the way the seats felt. Most of all, I loved how safe I felt in it. I had never driven a brand new car like this before. It was a really awesome feeling.

Because of how totaled the car was, and because my insurance didn’t cover collisions (a really horrible and foolish mistake on my part!) I either had to repair this 10-year-old car that was already showing signs of needing more repairs in the future, or buy a newer car. I didn’t have the money to buy a new car, but I also knew I wouldn’t have the money to keep putting into this car. At the time my credit was just okay. I had spent the past several months improving my credit score, but I was still skeptical about my approval rate. I was this close to just re-booking my rental car long term. Seriously, I thought I could be the girl who went through a rental company and got to drive a new and different car every month.

At this point, I was very accepting that I was going to be renting cars for awhile. Maybe permanently.  This was the only way I was going to be able to drive a newer car that made me feel safe. There were actually a lot of perks, too. The company handles all the maintenance, and they do it frequently. My credit card insures the car to an extent, so I wouldn’t have to shell over money to the rental company for insurance. Meanwhile, I was still attempting to find myself my own car to finance, to little success.

Obviously, my limiting belief that I couldn’t afford to finance a car were giving me exactly what I expected: being unable to finance a car.

I even hit up a company that financed old rental cars to people and really thought that this could be my ticket. I was becoming a little more hopeful that I could pull this off, and even got the application process started with one particular company, but then I never heard back from them after I sent them proof of income.

That’s when I got a call from an auto broker. I didn’t even know there could be a broker for cars. I mean, what is a broker anyway? He said he’d gotten my information from a website where I was inquiring Toyota Priuses (usually I would think this was a total invasion of privacy, but now I’m a big believer that the Universe is like a spy. It’s gotta work in invasive ways sometimes). I was told I probably wouldn’t qualify for a Toyota Prius, but he could help me get another car. When he asked me what car I wanted, I truly didn’t know, so I said, “I really like the rental car I’m driving right now. It’s a 2017 Nissan Altima.” Once we were clear on the exact Nissan Altima I wanted (black interior, grey exterior, if you want to know), he asked me how much I’m willing to pay as a down payment and then monthly for the car. I said I could put down $500 even though I so did not have the money. I also felt like $500 was way too low and that they wouldn’t find a dealership willing to accept that. Then I said I could pay $350 a month, and even that felt too high for me. But I figured, if I got this car, I could find a way to make an extra $350 a month. That’s attainable. 

So the broker told me he was going to try to find me a dealer who would approve my application and get back to me.

After the call, I kind of forgot about it. I figured this broker wouldn’t be able to find me a car because that’s what always happened to me. I was constantly rejected. I think at this point I just accepted my fate as the car rental girl. I would find a way to make this work for the time being. I just kept visualizing myself in a safe and reliable new car because that’s what I wanted.

Then the broker called back and told me I got a car. Naturally my response was, “Holy shit.” He got me the exact car I wanted, and I didn’t get rejected. I’m even paying my ideal price for it. Just when I thought my request for a $500 down payment was insanely foolish, they somehow managed to offer me a huge rebate so I only had to pay $500.  I was floored. Plus, I was told the car would be driven to my house TOMORROW (the day my rental car was due back) so I could do all the paperwork and pay then. Talk about divine, right?  

I knew in order to give them the down payment, I would have to ask for a slightly early advance from my employer. When I contacted my employer, I told her about the car and she said that she could pay me the amount I needed. The cool part about this wasn’t even that I got approved for an advance. It was that the broker told me literally within minutes of my employer saying yes that I could put my down payment on a credit card. I wouldn’t have to even borrow money from her. I could just use my own credit card. I felt like the car was just being handed to me for free at this point!

So I let the amazing reality soak in: the Nissan Altima I drove around for two weeks and basked in the feeling of security in was going to be my car. This was better than any bright blue Toyota Prius C in the world. And it wasn’t the car that I was excited about getting, because it never really was about the car. It was about the feeling the car would bring me. 

I’m happy to report that the girl who always got rejected and was never able to afford a car, who was terrified of financing a car because “what if I can’t pay for it?” still owns her Nissan Altima and makes timely payments on it. When you really value something, it becomes top priority, so the money is always there for me to pay for it.

Back then, I didn’t think much of the Universe playing a role in getting my car. I just thought I got really lucky. However, I am so certain now that the Universe is always available to help you in super unexpected ways when they know you’re ready to receive.

I learned so many lessons after this experience, and I am such a believer that the Universe knew what it was doing when I got into that car accident. It knew I needed a lot of growth when it came to cars. I’m sure the Universe tried to deliver this message to me tons of times, but I wasn’t open to accepting their call to action.

 This time, I absolutely was. No longer am I the girl who gets handed another grandma-aged loaner car from her family every time the other loaner car has reached retirement. I’m a responsible woman who pays for her own car on time, nurtures and appreciates the hell out of it, and is more educated about insurance to match.

 It’s okay to be dumb, you guys. It’s okay to acknowledge that you need growth. That’s how we become smarter and better human beings. I have the Universe to thank for that. 

And that, my friends, is the key to manifestation. Being intentional about your desires (which are often just emotions disguised as stuff), believing that this desire is within your reach, and being open to receiving your desire in really out there ways.

Do you have any of your own manifesting stories? I’d love to hear them in the comments!


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