The Art of Letting Go

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not one to let things go easily.

I always want situations (and people) to be set correctly. Lessons should be learned. There should be an exchange of apology and forgiveness. Air should be cleared so we can all breathe more effortlessly.

I used to think that letting go was simple, and that my inability to do so made me weak. But I’m wrong. Letting go is really, really difficult. It doesn’t help that our past experiences are constantly working against us as a form of protection.

I’m here to tell you that letting go does not equate to giving up. Nor does it mean to cease being proactive about your situation.

The answer is easy. To let go, all you must to do is to surrender your control over the situation. Give your worries to God or the Universe or the Mothership or whatever it is that you believe in (I used to believe in nothing at all, and while it felt like the reasonable thing to do, those were the loneliest and hardest years of my life).

Releasing your desperation and all the negativity that comes with scarcity will allow you to solve the problem with reason and calm.

“The Universe is for me, and so is everything else.”

This is a favorite mantra of mine that I always come back to when I’m feeling the insecurity of hopelessness, and find my faith struggling to rise to the surface.

Always remember, regardless of the situation that life’s put in front of you, that you are one with this beautiful planet. You are just as much apart of it as the ocean and the sky and the ground you walk on. The energy that flows to you and from you must remain positive, even when your heart’s in pain.

This week, I made the decision to release myself of my struggles, and boy, has it made all the difference. The blemishes that have been haunting more poor skin recently cleared up overnight. I’m sleeping like a baby again after months of restlessness. And I mean, I don’t sleep longer, I simply sleep deeper. My anxiety is no longer keeping me up at night.

And things haven’t been resolved. They’re not even perfect. But nothing bad has happened, either. I’m not suffering the way I thought I would be back when I was desperately trying to “save” myself.

It isn’t easy to implement the art of letting go. It’s truly a lifelong practice of mindfulness and faith that you must take baby sets to ease into.

If you’re going through anything right now, try releasing it to the Universe. Pray on it or write it out, and let the Universe know that you need its help. It’s here to take care of you, after all.


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