In Favor of Flavor

I’m an impatient cook. I don’t like to take too long to prep my food, and I want it ready as quickly as possible. I’m okay if my meal comes out a little ugly, too. Often they do.

But that usually leads to me being less than enthused about packing up leftovers to eat when I’m working long hours the next day. Plainly put, I don’t enjoy the food I cook, so I end up buying something at the grocery store or spending money on either an expensive healthy meal, or a cheap, unhealthy meal.

This year I want to do better. I want to cook easy meals that taste good. I searched for some simple meals online that inspired me to create my own take on the recipe.

My first attempt was last night’s home-made turkey meatball and whole wheat spaghetti pasta with onion and garlic pasta sauce. I happily ate my leftovers for lunch the next day. Looked FORWARD to it even. And this afternoon I also put together a little “burrito” bowl, pictured below. It’s made with brown rice, corn, black beans (pre-seasoned with garlic and onion…I swear this is not a theme for me), and topped with avocado, chicken, and lettuce. I enjoyed every bite, and it took less than five minutes to put together. Plus, both meals are so inexpensive!

I’m looking forward to eating with care and flavor this month.

How do you like to make your meals? Any recipes you care to share? And, big question: what meals are bagged-lunch worthy to you?


One thought on “In Favor of Flavor

  1. Pinterest is my go-to source for recipes. The easiest ever recipe comes from my husband-add chicken pieces to a baking pan. Dump a medium layer of graham cracker crumbs over them. Dot on butter. Bake. The butter melts the graham cracker crumbs into a sweet crust.
    Trust me on the Pinterest thing. (my food boards are under CherylProWriter)
    Good luck.


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