the mess of imperfection.

the sexiness of order

may be appealing to the eyes

organized, and structural

straightforward, no surprise 

but stripped down to its core 

it’s easy, safe, relaxed 

i like my puzzles all fucked up 

a complexity, climaxed

the mess of imperfection 

chaotic, yet endearing 

i like my blues and reds combined 

predictability unhearing 

the answers are all out there

but it’s more fun to guess

limitless, yet limited

a sign of tried conquest 

attempts to fix your puzzle 

to dress you up real nice 

solvable, but as we know

permanency is not your vice 

the ego’s plea, forsaking  

i do it all to win 

but once you’re solved, i’m gonna let  

the mess undress again. 


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