I Know Exactly Who You Are

“I know exactly who you are,”I say, our bodies entangled in the bed I make each morning. 

“I step into that steel grey room quite often in my brain, 

With the hope that I can recall 

everything about the instant our souls met, without a need for introduction. 

But all I have is the idea that

It might have been you.

And you,

Your mind so aloof with thoughts of the next big thing

That you cannot recollect yourself.

I know exactly who you are,

You are the one who looks at me 

Like I am a unicorn,

The prettiest of all the creatures that your eyes have ever touched 

And I’ve spent many days since

In search of that feeling to catch

Of you, curiously agape  

And my questioning why,

Someone can fill my heart with every ounce of selfless joy inside the earth.

I’d rob the universe to give it all to you.” 

“I know exactly who you are,”

He says, and kisses my forehead in the middle.

“You are the universe, with all its love it gives so freely,

Asking for nothing in return. 

I study from a distance,

Not because I am afraid.

But because you are the prettiest of all the universes,

And my eyes, they yearn to take you in in your entirety. 

The infinity of existence, 

Pale beside you.” 


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