The Abyss

In bottomless, dark eyes 

Round, but with rough edges 

To fall into, to travel through 

The mystery is endless. 

The destination, cold and damp

Torn away at the seams

Your abyss is a lonely one 

But it leads me to your dreams. 

My vulnerable embrace 

Is bloody from the damage

For no one dare go on the chase 

A task no one has managed.

The cuts I own, 

Their ghastly sight ajar

These obstacles do twist and turn

Even the flames, they carry scars. 

Rich is the brown you wear so well 

The eyes abridge intensely 

The bitterest of reds I am 

The loss I lead is plenty. 

The journey has no exit 

For where I’m going I don’t exist 

For once you’ve entered, you’re amidst 

There’s no way out or in. 

The worth is high, when I’ve arrived 

In the heaven that is your kiss 

To know you is to want you. 

When I’m lost in your abyss. 


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