I am the Machine

I am the Machine.

I operate for you.

Turn me off and turn me on,

Create your company for two.

Keep me for your conversation, 

Keep me to mend the pain 

Of a sad and lonely stranger 

Whose happiness is feigned. 

I will do as you tell me to.

I will rinse off all the plates. 

I will hold your fragile, fiddling hand,

As your heart, whom Sorrow breaks. 

You don’t ever have to worry,

That’s what my job is for. 

For when you need to blow off steam, 

My pride can hit the floor.

But once your bed, I’ve made endear.  

And you’re drifting off to sleep. 

Thoughts I’ll stew, I’ll drift off too.

And grin from ear to ear.  

Dreaming of the open air 

And what it’s like to breathe.

But I’ll never quit, my work is it. 

I am the Machine. 


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